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Window Tinting for Commercial and New Construction Services

Architects, interior designers, commercial property owners and facility managers increasingly rely on solar window films, security window films and designer window tints to enhance commercial buildings. After all, they know, as you do, that window film technology can greatly improve the overall comfort, style, and privacy of any workspace, while providing energy savings which can’t be beat.

Install Window Films At Every Phase Of The Building Process.

Our professional window film installation team can complete the project during many different phases of the building process. We can add window film to existing structures. We can come in during a renovation. And we can add window film to new construction projects as well.

In fact, our window films can even provide protection for new window installations during the construction process, keeping windows safe from paint or dry wall work. Removable window films which are normally used to guard commercial buildings against graffiti are ideal for this purpose. We can then install a final window film when the work is done.

Provide Up To 15% In Annual Energy Savings.


Every commercial property owner must be concerned about controlling costs. Our solar window films help customers save 15% on their annual energy bills. These cost savings can be quite significant when applied to the energy bills generated by larger commercial structures.

Window tint provides these benefits by reflecting or absorbing UV radiation while allowing natural light to continue to flow inside of the structure. This means the HVAC system does not have to work as hard to heat or cool the structure. Employees are more comfortable as well window tint is a great option if you’re tired of listening to your employees bicker about thermostat settings!

Gain Total Protection For Your Clients: Safety, Security, And Privacy.

Every commercial building must be concerned about safety and security. Natural disasters and criminal activity can target any property at any time. Our safety and security window films protect against wind damage, residual bomb blasts, forced entry and more.

Commercial property owners may also be concerned about protecting proprietary trade secrets from the casual eye. Our privacy window films are ideal for these purposes. They make a fine selling point for any property manager attempting to attract high value tenants, or provide a feature which architects can work right into the building design.

Deliver A Brilliant New Look.

Let your building match your brand with our decorative window films, which are available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and transparencies. You can mix and match features with strong, protective window films that deliver beauty and privacy. Ask us about rice paper films, opaque films, and more.

Custom window films are also available, which means you or your client can apply the brand logo or other branded images with total ease and flexibility.

Contact Us For A Total Window Film Needs Evaluation.

Getting the right window films for specific purposes is the key to maximizing the return on investment these upgrades can deliver. We offer top brands like Vista, Huper Optik, Formula One, Llumar, and Solyx. We can also offer window tinting to other assets, such as your vehicle fleet.

It all starts with an in-depth needs analysis provided by our window tinting experts. All Pro Tint knows the business like no one else.

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