Tinted Windows for Hot Durham Days

Tinted windows are attractive and classy, but their benefits are more than cosmetic. Let our Durham, NC window tint service show you what tinting can do for your home, office, or vehicle.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

Did you know that adding window tints can save you 15% to 40% on your energy bills? That’s because window tints help to keep the interior of your home or office shaded and cool. In your vehicle, window tints help you burn less gas as you won’t need to use quite so much energy to cool your car.

Safety and Security

Window tints help to make glass shatter-proof. That means that it holds up better when a hurricane or other natural disaster strikes. It also protects your passengers from flying shards of glass if you happen to get into a car accident. It makes it harder for burglars to break your glass, and it makes it harder for them to look in and see whether there’s anything worth stealing.

Protecting the Lifespan of Your Property

Window tints protect your interiors from UV rays. That means your carpets, furniture, and car interiors will retain their colors and appear newer, longer.


15% energy savings help pay for the investment over time.
Can be installed on new construction, renovations, and existing structures.
Protect with a shatter-proof, anti-graffiti barrier.
Provide your business with extra disaster protection.


Absorb up to 75% of incoming solar heat to save up to 40% on your energy bills.
Qualify for energy-efficiency tax credits which help pay for window tint upgrades.
Block 99% of UV light.
Personalize your home with customized decorative window tints.


Shield your vehicle interior from harmful UV rays.
Glare protection keeps your vision clear and helps you drive safely.
Shatter protection reduces injuries in the event of an accident.
Paint protection helps your vehicle look as good as new.


We Use The Top Brands For Our Applications

We’re Locally And Family Owned Right Here In Durham

We’ve been providing first class window tints to valued customers in the area for over 30 years. All of our work is 100% guaranteed. We treat you with respect and act with integrity, because you’re part of the community that we call home. Just read our reviews—as far as we’re concerned, it’s not just about the window tint. It’s also about how you’re treated while you’re getting it.

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