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Improve Security and Cut Costs with High Quality Window Films

Government facilities have special concerns. As a facility manager, you know you need to cut costs while providing top-notch security for government employees. Solar window films, security window films, and designer window tints help transform these buildings into more comfortable, safe environments.

We only install the same top-notch window film brands which have already successfully been applied to the offices of many high-profile government facilities, including facilities owned by the FBI and the Department of Defense. We’ve also helped many local government contractors here in the Durham, NC area by working to protect their facilities.

Affordable Shattered Glass And Bomb Blast Protection.

If your facility is a target then window films have to become a priority. Our high-security window films can prevent criminals and terrorists from using the windows as a point of entry, even if they’re shooting at the windows.

If your building is not a direct target you still need to consider adding shatter-resistant window films. Your facility may be in the vicinity of other buildings which are priority targets, as residual blasts can be just as deadly and destructive as direct blasts.

The brands we carry create micro-layered, tear-resistant Ultra Safety and sun control window films. These are paired with a special adhesive which is designed exclusively to hold broken glass in place, providing top notch impact protection. We send professional installers out to every job so each facility reaps all of the benefits of these cutting edge materials.

Cost-cutting Temperature Control And Energy Savings.

Our high-quality window tints reflect UV rays, which means the building’s temperature control systems do not have to work as hard to cool the building. This improves employee comfort, but it also reduces facility costs.

This makes UV resistant window tinting a must-have for any facility manager who is concerned about spending the taxpayer’s dollar in a wise and thoughtful fashion. It also frees up more of the operating budget to pursue the department’s mission.

However, you won’t create a dark, gloomy facility by adding most window tints. Up to 70% of the natural light continues to flow gently into the space while rejecting up to 97% of harmful UV rays.

Protect Sensitive Information By Increasing Building Privacy.

Window films can be completely opaque, even if you select tints which allow the light to flow freely. When the operations of your facility are absolutely sensitive this can be the best choice for protecting vital information, VIP visitors, and proprietary information.

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