Architects & Interior Designers

Do your clients want to improve occupancy, lower energy costs, enhance privacy, protect against graffiti, add a splash of art, or help deter theft? Window films are among the newest, innovative tools so you can raise the bar when it comes to style, performance and safety.

Commercial Property Owners & Facility Managers

Create inspired designs, save on energy costs, prevent sun and furniture damage, increase tenant comfort and retention, even update and outdated appearance. Window film is a new canvas for your imagination.

Hotel, Restaurant & Club Owners

Need a new look but can’t afford a renovation? Window film may be the answer you’re looking for. You can enhance open areas, create privacy panels, decorate the bar, back splash or table tops, or change your skylights. The art of possibility awaits you.

Marine Vessel Owners

With superior heat rejection and UV shielding properties, corrosion resistant nanotechnology window films provide un-compromised performance to solve your heat issues and enhance your views from the windows day and night.

Automotive, RV & Fleet Owners

Keep your vehicle looking newer, longer and minimize damage from road debris with protection film, protect yourself and drivers from UV light with tinted window film or enhance your brand with exterior film.

Government Administrators

Want to give your movable inter-office privacy panels a face lift? What about your conference room glass walls or room screens? Do you need enhanced security features? How’s the temperature control and lighting? Alter these things quickly and effortlessly with little to no disruption on daily activities with window films.

Medical Administrators

Do you need extra patient privacy? Window film is a cost-effective method of adding privacy to windows and doors, and can even create privacy partitions with minimal disruption at a fraction of the cost compared to a renovation.

Residential Homeowners

Are you tired of the same old look and feel? Turn your home into a more comfortable place to live with window films to reduce heat and glare; protect your furniture, hardwood floors and family from the UV rays; add an extra element of safety and security; create an outside living space indoors, or give the bathroom shower glass an update. The possibilities are limitless.

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