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Window Film Barriers

Our commercial-grade window films provide anti-graffiti and anti-burglary barriers while creating a clean, modern look which enhances any retail storefront. Gain extra protection from disasters while improving the comfort, safety, and energy efficiency of your retail store by asking us about our safety and security window films today.

Comfort and


Modern Looks For

Retail Store

Extra Protection

From Disasters

We carry top safety and security window film brands like LLumar, brands you can trust to protect your investment. This is the same brand of window film that protects the Vatican and Buckingham Palace but you won’t have to pay palatial prices just to take advantage of it.

Prevent Smash-And-Grab Burglary Attempts.

Smash and grab burglary attempts are very common. Often, criminals are in and out with thousands of dollars of merchandise before police can respond. While burglar alarms are a good line of defense they should not be your only stop.

Safety and security window film is the answer. We’ll install a micro-thin, ultra-tough layer of window film on each of your windows. The film catches the glass as it shatters, holding it in place. The film is very difficult to tear or break, which means it’s all but impossible to reach through to any merchandise.

Security window film can be very inconspicuous, which means you don’t have to transform your store into a fortress. You can continue to allow clean, inviting natural light to flow into your space.

Protect Your Business From Natural Disasters.

As a coastal state, North Carolina deals with severe weather on a regular basis. High winds can damage your store. Certain natural disasters can invite looters if broken windows provide easy access.

Fortunately, our safety and security window films provide the same level of protection no matter what the source of the break is.

Keep Your Business Looking Clean, Inviting, And Beautiful.

Graffiti can de-value your storefront and drive customers away in a heartbeat. Protect your property from vandalism and avoid removal costs. Our specially designed anti-graffiti films are actually removable, offering an easy, cost-effective way to clean your windows. The film can then be re-installed.

These window films may serve as sacrificial lambs, but they’re still more cost-effective than replacing the windows over and over again.

Usually it only takes a few tries for vandals to move on, since they soon discover your store isn’t a very satisfying target. And by reducing the amount of graffiti and disorder in the area you’re doing your part to make the whole neighborhood safe.

Maintain A Modern Look.

We offer a variety of decorative window tint options, along with a broad range of colors and styles. This makes it easy for you to maintain the character and brand of your retail store.

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