Window Films Are NOT Created Equal Nor the Skill Level of the Window Film Installers

Compare an iPhone and Blackberry. Compare a Ford and a Cadillac. Compare an orange and a banana. Whatever your preference, doesn’t matter. The point is that there are plenty of varieties of smartphones, cars and fruits – among many other things – for you to choose from in today’s marketplace. The same is true for window films.

Window films come in all Styles, Constructions, Performance Factors,  sizes, colors and prices. Many are designed to last a lifetime, Most fall apart and deteriorate in no time. Some are even illegal in certain states especially North Carolina. Some don’t come with any warranty and others come with a lifetime guarantee.

If you are thinking about using window film tinting for your home, office, automobile or boat, you need to understand your choices. Like most choices in life, there’s an upside and a downside. The upside? All Pro Window Films offers you more choices than other window tinting companies. The downside? The age-old adage  “you get what you pay for” often rings true.

When you are purchasing window film, make sure you become an educated consumer.  Make sure the technicians you are talking with are certified. Make sure they understand your specific problem and are providing the best solution to address your need. Because problems and solutions are also not created equal. An eye patch won’t work as a Band-Aid and vice versa, right?

All Pro Window Films– formerly FormulaOne – is proud to represent the industry’s best brands. All Pro is also proud to hold a variety of certifications from not only window film manufacturers like Eastman but from the International Window Film Association. In fact, All Pro is proud to have been carefully selected, trained and certified for our commitment, quality, customer service excellence and professional installation, which is clean,  hassle free and causes minimal disruption to daily activities.

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